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Unique reverse image search and watermarking patented technologies


Link metadata to your images forever

The identification of metadata from an image is the key to tracking it in all circumstances. This does not only ease automatic collection of fees, but also brings the right holders closer to their audience. We believe in the growing power of images in our society. We are convinced that a persistent link between an image and its source is the key to make this growth sustainable.

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LAMARK TAG & TRACK offers a technological answer to the need of photo professionals, generating a link between an image and its copyright that persists across all media. They can now have persistent metadata that enables tracking of their images and prevents orphan works and illegal uses.


LAMARK TAG & SEARCH provides a scalable and robust solution to make your images collection searchable using visual search. You can build your own reverse image search for your website or your mobile app.  It can handle collections from hundreds of thousands to millions of images. 


LAMARK TAG & SHARE is the end-user website built with LAMARK identification technologies. Independent photographers can easily protect and share their images with the widest possible audience instead of restricting the use of their images due to fear of theft.

LAMARK identification technology is unique and extremely robust, working on all published images, both on the Internet and in print 

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Our technology is based on  identification through watermarking and visual search. It constitutes a unique identification algorithm delivering outstanding results.
Similar in concept to an invisible QR code, LAMARK enables anyone to discover the metadata associated to a picture just by scanning it. The audience connects with the artists and agencies. The copyright holders track the use of their images. 


Watermarking is a process of permanent insertion of metadata within digital images. Watermarked images are kept perceptually identical to the original. Our technology shows great robustness recovering metadata even after heavy alterations such as resizing, cropping, printing.


Visual search allows computer to find similar-looking images. This technology encodes the visual content of images into compact digital signatures that are stored on our servers. Our powerful search engine finds similar images in a split second, even in very large databases.

LAMARK is proud to have developed a network of renowned partners that includes: