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IMATAG identification technology is unique and extremely robust, on web and on print publications. Secure your images, video, PDF and sensitive documents with our patented Invisible Content ID.

Our technology


embeds metadata within digital content without perceptible modification.
Our technology shows great robustness recovering metadata even after heavy alterations such as resizing, cropping, printing.

Visual search

allows computer to find similar-looking images.
Our technology encodes the visual content of images into compact fingerprints.
Our powerful search engine finds similar fingerprints in large scale database within a split second.


scouts for your content while crawling the web.
It monitors use of your contents in analytics, and identifies the illegal sources thanks to traitor tracing codes and forensics watermarking.

Artificial Intelligence

automatically registers keywords about your document. Machine deep learning inspects the visual content to infer the most relevant annotation.

Your data


photograph (JPG, raw, HDR), scans, computer graphics, graphic design (2D, 3D with embedded textures), 360°.


Movie under any format and length. Realtime watermarking.

Big data

Scalable to large database of documents (text, images). Ultra fast similarity search and keywords labelling propagation.


Text document with or without graphical illustration (images, logos, vector graphics).

Use cases


Enroll content asset in our database to get a time-stamp. Protect author rights thanks to watermarking. Receive alarms when tracking spots illegal use. Prevent leaks of confidential documents with traitor tracing.


Monitor content consumption on web and press thanks to tracking. Exact reporting guaranteed with watermarking. AI summarizes comments and textual context associated with content.


Tag, embed metadata in images. Based on our technology, we have developed a platform for Photo Professionals to protect and share photos with a persistent and invisible link between photo and copyright.
Track, monitor images in web and press.
API interface, photo agencies, museum, corporates. Web interface (SAAS), independent photographers


Teddy Furon

Watermarking scientist

Senior Researcher at INRIA.

Inria researcher in multimedia security.

Formerly member of IEEE Information Forensics and Security Technical Committee, Technicolor R&I senior researcher, and consultant for Hollywood movie industry.

Co-author of more than 50 scientific publications and 9 patents.

Personnal webpage

Mathieu Desoubeaux


Ph.D., Digital Contents Protection & Computer Science.

Mathieu’s passion for digital content and photography have led him to turn the best he knows in image treatment technology into the LAMARK company.

His past experiences in content identification within Orange Telecom Group and INRIA Lab gave him a good awareness regarding the merging of scientific and economical worlds.

Jonathan Delhumeau


Media indexation & retrieval expert.

Jonathan has worked in and managed multifaceted projects in and around computer vision most of his carrier in France and the UK. For the last few years before joining LAMARK, he has collaborated with some of the worlds leading experts in multimedia retrieval at Inria lab.

His technical skills and feel for human relationships help him drive roadmaps and participate to the strategy of the company.

Vivien Chappelier

R&D and Senior System Architect

Ph.D., signal processing.

Starting with video compression during his PhD thesis, followed by embedded Linux software for Inventel/Thomson, and 3D-printing software development at Sculpteo, Vivien’s contributions have led to great products and services.

His thirst for knowledge and expertise is a great asset to our research and development team in image search, watermarking and deep learning.

IMATAG was born from a gathering of image experts and photo enthusiasts who got together at the INRIA (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation). Its invisible watermarking technology has been patented.

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